A Statement on the War in Ukraine
From IARF International Council

We are deeply saddened and appalled by the hostile acts that led to this war and the increased threat this now presents to peaceful coexistence in the region and the world beyond.

We believe that armed conflict should never be a way to resolve security concerns between states. 

We express our heartfelt compassion for all victims of the war, including those fleeing from the atrocities of armed conflict and the many families who are now being split up. 

We applaud Poland, Hungary and Romania, amongst others, for opening their borders for all refugees, and call on the other nations of Europe to support those countries in dealing with the refugee crisis. 

We are deeply concerned for the spiritual freedom and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people and those of neighbouring states whose peaceful existence is threatened by the presence of the military forces now assembled in Eastern Europe. 

We call upon faith communities everywhere to respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine in any way they can, and upon the churches in Ukraine to work together to be an example of mutual respect and humanity for the Ukrainian people. May the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Moscow Patriarchate and other churches and faith communities in the region have the courage and strength to inspire reconciliation and healing.

We sincerely hope that peace and justice will prevail in Ukraine and its neighbours. 

Robert Ince, President
London, 27 February 2022