Vrijdag 2 tot maandag 5 juni 2017 (Pinksteren)
Erster europäischer Unitariertag in Ulm, Zuid-Duitsland.
Europäischer Unitariertag der European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) und der Unitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens in Ulm unter dem Motto: Glaube ohne Grenzen? Faith without Borders?  Meer info (Duits) …  en in het Engels

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Dinsdag 6 tot zondag 11 juni 2017
(aansluitend op de Erster europäischer Unitariertag)
A Historical Study Tour. Unitarians in Poland – Then and Now. Meer info …

Maandag 11 tot donderdag 14 september 2017
Interfaith Dialogue and Minority Concerns in the New Europe: Opportunities and Challenges.
IARF-EME conferentie in de stad Byalistok, in de provincie Podlazi in het Noordoost van Polen. Conferentietaal: Engels.

As the religious and cultural landscape of Europe continues to evolve, the problem of inter-cultural and inter-religious relations and the status and rights of minorities are increasingly capturing Europe’s attention. Regrettably, the tone of reporting and discussion is often alarmist and we tend oversimplify complex problems and processes, so that there is little room for an in-depth discussion of how society at large as well as new and old minorities can initiate a productive, civilized dialogue and learn to respect each other and collaborate on issues that concern them all. Moreover, there is a very clear difference in how these issues are approached in the West and the East of Europe. Meer informatie en opgave voor deelname …

Pre-Conference Tour

IARF EME traditionally organizes pre-conference tours for interested participants.  The 2017 tour will begin three days before the conference, that is on Friday the 8th. We will depart from Warsaw Airport at 1 pm. The fee is € 310 and is all-inclusive. You may register using the Conference Registration Form
Here you will find the program and other details.

In 2018 zal het 35ste IARF Wereld Congres plaats vinden in Washington, DC,  de Verenigde Staten van Amerika


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